You, Me, the Living

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To continue the series of extraordinary (read unfortunate) events that has been my month/5 weeks thus far….

I met someone, to be fair he met me- but that’s a different story- started a semi-courtship with that someone and was starting to really like that someone until “Poof!”, like the many magic dragons that came before him, he was gone. No warning, no word of his return, no nothing. 

So I would like to take a minute if I may, and say A BIG..FAT…PUCK YOU to fate and its intervening ways. Suppose I needed that stone cold slap in the face ?

The Game of Life host man/person: “He’s Not that Into you…. a) he’s a douchebag b) a coward c) other

Me: Hmm… that’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with…(pause) A !

TGLHMP: Final Answer?

Me:  Definitely my final answer

TGLHMP: (Prolonged pause. Cue the faint sound of a ticking clock)Well that is unfortunately the wrong answer.

But remember, there are no losers in the game of life!!