White Knot holds the invisible!


unknown– meaning I forgot; sorry!

Its been a while since I talked Fashion, guess it hasn’t been in the cards.
Remember that one rant I had couple of months back? The speech I gave you poor souls on apple pie and bonnets? Think back. Come on think, think, think! Ok time’s up.

If you’re confused or new- redirected by moneysupermarket or that weird one with the meerkats- I’m so sorry. Nonetheless “Stay,Welcome, Welcome!”.

Fashion weeks are coming, and while fate totally c*#* blocked me- my feet’s firmly grounded on home turf this month- I bounced back and pushed full speed ahead for Copenhagen in February. And I’m gonna make me a holiday out of it. That means I can stay stuff like “That’s SO Dansk!” without sounding like Cher from Clueless.

I’m excited to be involved in any way possible and ready to feed off some mad hatter adrenaline for a while-  all that seasonal wine made me catatonic. Sigh, just heard the sounds of sleigh bells ringing.

ps; just how adorable is that bowtie in hair? MINE!

pps; yes I know its 1.11.11/ 11.1.11 OR just ONE, One, One, One..; if you’re P-Diddy that is!