The Dream of Evan and Chan

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You missed me? Admit it, you love me longgggg time.

I’m not here to apologise (One Republic says its too late ) for my mini break. IS 6 days even a break? I do have an alter ego that needs nurturing after all. Bouts of metaphysical and existential angst that can’t be expressed in this tiny space. I’m no Sims character !

In case you’re racking your brain, wondering where I’ve been, what’s been up, well;

  • I’ve been watching 30 Rock, LIKE ALL of it. 
  • Ignoring the flashing lights coming from crackberry (so bright, soooo bright)
  • Sleeping at 4am and waking at noon-ish 
  • Skulking ebay 
  • Making a gigantic list and checking it twice 
  • Skulking ASOS 
  • Ingesting echinacea drops 
  • Doing weird Pilates moves, in my bedroom, on a mat
  • Planning ahead for Fashion weeks to come- Denmark next month?
  • Doing weird dance moves on sticky dance floors
  • Taking those moves to the streets
  • Turning my life upside down and living like James Dean 
  • Wiping the slate clean
  • Dreaming of eloping with my future husband
  • Cleaning the pretty suede shoes I ruined on New Year’s eve (D’oh!!) 
  • People watching in dim lit bars

Yeah I puts the “OO” in Cool Chick.

To each and all of you, a big PHAT smooch on the forehead- we are in a platonic relationship after all. Thank you for checking in and tolerating my randomness.

Hope you all had a banging start to the year!

sorry about the 80’s looking collage, blame Canada!