Recovering the Satellite

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I wish you could see how much effort its taking me to type. I’ve been relishing in sloth and greed for almost a week now. Blogging be damned I say.

Back in London facing the cruel harsh realities of life.  Late afternoon meetings, engaging in heated debates; biker boots vs the lady heels, wikileaks, the Little Mermaid and so on.

You know what my number one resolution for the New Year is; GET ME A FREAKING HOLIDAY

Happy soon to be 1.1.11!!!! If you’re one those people destined for greatness (like me obviously) who happens to catch the digits 11:11 and 22:22 on an almost daily basis- I said almost- you’ll know that this soon to be moment is beyond mmmk? As Rachel Zoe would say ” SHUT…the.. front door”