One Thousand Showers

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This time of year all I want to do is curl up with a cup of spiked cocoa and watch Oliver Twist. Good times ahead people, good times indeed. I’m a veggie so I usually scramble HARD for food. Now you see the connection between me and Olly!

To avoid work and wallow even more in pre-holiday cheer,I stopped by the Man Repeller to find ways of keeping creepy mistletoe lurking drunks at bay (I’m thinking awesome oversized reindeer clad sweats). Leandra gets mad props, and deservedly so. Hands down she would win “Funny Gal Blogger” of the Year. I of course would be awarded the “More Ration than Fashion Razzie Blogger award”. But let it be known that in receipt of such an award- possibly the evel Reed Krakoff horse boot- I would nonetheless blubber like Halle. I’d thank God, Mariah and Justin Timberlake for just being alive and making shit happen. 

Contrary to popular belief- because I do get asked;

  • My style already has a high man repelling quality to it- see above pics
  • I choose not to read a huge number of (fashion) blogs. I really just have 5 bookmarked. They are the ones with some “oomph”. I salute the hell out of you Oomph ones.
  • I DO NOT strive to have my picture taken by a street style photographer.* I got snapped for the fashion pages of newspaper a year ago. She ignored my desperate plea and fabrication even, of being in witness protection. It was either cause a riot or let her take the damn picture. 
  • I like leg pictures
  • I wish I had a personal shopper. Someone I could hand a list and forever be done with manical shoppers
  • I would love to have a battle of flat liners with Britney from Glee.
  • I’d be happy with socks, candles or Narciso ‘For Her'( as always) as gifts. Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Easter; don’t matter.
  • I’m not sure about posting outfit pictures. I usually wander around in tights, yes much like Robin Hood. It gets pretty lame after a while.

There’s a depressing trend forming amongst Fashion Bloggers to adopt a uniform wardrobe, a uniform pose, uniform camera even (Hey there Canon EOS, I see you) all to achieve their 15 minutes of fame? I personally don’t want to be praised for ticking the boxes of enviable style. I’m simply inspired by other things: Mrs Takitani’s wardrobe, Carrie Bradshaw’s life and all her boy toys, Celine’s apartment in Before Sunset, and people with awesome hair.

* I’m not cooler than ice. I just hate having my picture taken. And by hate I mean loathe, like more than I hate ham, or spam, or chicken. I tend to pull fawkard douche bag faces like that guy in Seinfeld. You know the curly crazy haired guy? Didn’t much like Seinfeld. Didn’t much like it all. Just saying. Redirect your hate mail please.