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There’s a small chance I’ll end up spending Christmas in jail, as my patience is being pushed to the limit.

Let’s just say the owner of a certain property- and I use that term loosely-I cohabit, is failing in her civic duties to provide basic comfort. So in the off chance that I drop kick her in the face, please rally together to arrange my bail. So Tiny Tim won’t be alone for Christmas.

As good old Chet Baker would say, always look for the silver lining. In this case, its the shim shimmery dress (good punch line) borrowed from sister “stylist” who opens her wardrobe to me whenever I have to go out and meet the world   for special occasions. Did I fail to mention that my wardrobe is part So-Cal biker chick, part layer cake Hobo?

Pictures from office party as promised. Underwhelming, over exposed, blurry; sorry I used the wrong shutter speed/f-stop. I’ll say it again. lack of nutrition, i’m sure you can empathize.

Hark the Heralds, its going to be a snow snow Sunday. I’m off to sit in a cosy cafe with a friend.