Brown Bees about the Peach Trees Boom



The Year was 1917, 1917!!!! when ‘Diffugere Nives’ was published by Maurice Baring.The entire poem itself is ok, but that damn line (title)is hot! And in the same collection of poems made by JC Squire I found this gem;

The False Heart by Hilaire Belloc

I Said to Heart , “How Goes it”

Heart replied: ” Right as a Ribstone Pippin!”

But it lied.

There’s nothing hotter than a guy who loves to read. Or one who’s happy to read to you. Remember the scene from Sex and The City (yes I, the apparent movie snob watched SATC 1 AND 2) where Big and Carrie are reading poetry in bed?; I think my heart must have stopped for a minute .

McHottie over yonder is Thiago Santos, who people mistook for my boyfriend. I was so close to saying “Ninja,Say What?!” But as almost strangers, that line would have been lost on them.