Black as Coal Camaro


Rad Men, Its A Mad World, Its a Mad Mad World. C’mon. I get it. You get it. Even The President gets it. Enough with the Mad Men nods already!! You’d have to be living in a pretty air tight-read Amish??- bubble, not to know or love the AMC wunder show.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Hamm. I mean I was cooped up for 3 days straight (2 winters’ ago)because I couldn’t pry myself away from the wooing and the boozing and ooh the innuendo’s. A butter knife could cut straight through… Ahh see a little annoying right?

So in attempt to escape the incessant Mad Men talk (and by talk I mean editorials) I turned to Vogue Hommes. All I can say is; F#^*ing BRILLIANT. Christmas present to self, year long subscription to Hommes. Olivier[Lalanne] you genius you.

Yes I bejewelled a couple of the ads. Part two to come. I’m also feeling oversized flannel, and biker ankle boots lately. The Boys just do it better

Happy Sunday!