Me and Mr Jones


Its normal for me to change bags 2, 3, 4 times a week, to downsize laptop ,charger,and one hundred thousand Muji note pads on days spent commuting. Hover over each pic for details.

I finally get my Fuji san back tomorrow after 8 weeks of us being apart; I dropped it from the living room table. Look I swear I’m not butter fingers, sh*t just happens. Dear old Praktica (film camera) is a little rusty, and has been feeling unloved for some time now. It needs a new lens. I know, that you know, that photography ain’t cheap!

I’m sticking to the vintage look for my camera upgrade next year.  Hello Olympus Pen, here’s droooooling over you. Not just the look but the whole campaigning I think was made for me; so low key, so old-school.