You’re the one that’s like my P*stol



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I should probably warn you dear anonymi that THIS IS A MUSIC POST. So this is your chance to make a run for it!!

As for the rest of you, pull up a seat will you? I can’t be bothered to talk shop or fashion today so i’ll save my words for music. My better half if one truly exists.

I shrug my shoulders when people make assumptions about my personality or style. But when it comes to music, ooh child, can I get furious. The ultimate proof to me that a person doesn’t know me at all, is if in conversation they blurt some nonsense about how they thought I’d only listen to R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul/Rock etc. Or if in response to my asking what it is they’re blasting from their headphones, they’d respond “ooh nothing you would like”.In the words of Kevin Spacey [in Superman the Movie]; WRONGGGGGG!!!!!

This may sound daft, but I really do have an infinite play list ( yes like Nick and Norah). Electronica to Old school Hip-Hop, Folk to 80’s Rock. I’m not a fan of synthesized pop, so alot of over played, over packaged shit that gets radio play nowadays goes over my head. That’s not to say that I don’t know my Gaga’s from my Bieber’s. Damn them and their catchy tunes.

Its more than likely I was a groupie- a less dopey Penny Lane maybe- a DJ, or a crazy music mixologist in a past life. A little harsh maybe, but I don’t trust anyone who narrows their taste down to just ONE artist, band, genre. I think it reflects an extremely biased way of thinking. Dare I even say the beginnings of prejudiced mind? Why would anyone eliminate the possibility of liking or connecting to different types of music? And the same goes for dating and having a so called “type”. Don’t we always learn the most from people who turn out to be the exact opposite of what we were looking for? Some of the best music I’ve ever EVER heard was featured on soundtracks-composed by the likes of Badalamenti (Twin Peaks, The Secretary ), Yann Tiersen (Amelie, Goodbye Lenin) or by random bands that hardly get radio play. So my advice to you is;

Keep your eyes and ears open always

An intimate concert always makes for a primo first date

and Paris Hilton is much smarter than she seems. ie. never judge a book by its blondness cover

Songs i’ve played to death over the years; Four Tet- Hands, Flying Lotus ft Ahu- Added Efforts, Four Tet- Parks, Bush N.O.W remix- Letting the Cables Sleep. You may have guessed, I’m a little in love with Four Tet. And I want their logo sweat shirt so bad.