3rd Floor gravitates on the staircase


   © cococollage

There’s poetry in MC’s songs. Guess what? Mariah and I share initials btw. Now you knows it people, now.. you know ho’s it! My taste in midnight music ” Dream Lover come rescue me, Take me up, Take me down…” is border line tackilicious. Something a Hello Kitty lover on caffeine pills might love. Urgghhhh the sight of Hello Kitty makes me want to hurl glitter.

Antihistamines- freakish allergic reaction to hot water bottle-are making me drowsy and I’m engaged in some MAJOR ebay bidding wars. The Hallmark movie of my life would be titled “Noooo, what happened? Get the heck outta here“.

I’m going old school with my “winter” wardrobe and getting creative with Christmas gifts. Although to be fair, I’m like the queen of cool…gift giving (hey if you don’t pimp yourself, no one else will)

You guessed it, word of the day, P.I.M.P. Close second is Loratadine.