She went to Romulus for a Day


 © cococollage

It was 2 years today. Ok not exactly two years, but for dramatic purposes I have fabricated the stats a little. To continue. It was 2 years to today that I began ripping out images from magazines, newspapers, and “found” art pieces to re and deconstruct images otherwise known as collages.

I was in a really anxious state of mind and needed a creative outlet- it had been years since I last picked up oil paints ,drawing pencil or anything resembling either. So when the mighty scissorhand spoke and showed me its powers, I figured what the hey?

It was impossible not to stare at a page or picture entranced until it hinted at being manipulated somehow. Which materials would work best? What background would distract from the image? I didn’t always know the answer and sometimes I still don’t. But I will say that I seldom plan ahead. Its a haphazard state of affairs that drags on for weeks, months at a time until I aim for a resolution.

When it doesn’t work, it doesn’t feel right.  For example if the final piece ends up too crowded or just terrible looking, something begs me to rip it to shreds. Nonetheless I have over 70 collages sitting in a semi organised file, waiting, some even begging to be displayed. Still working on when and how to present them. Just cause I’m worth it – again with the bloody L’Oreal reference. Sorry! 

So there you have it. A rough, completely uncalled for explanation of how my fumbled, rumble in the bronx (good movie y’all, she says in her best Cleveland voice) mind comes up with the collages you have witnessed over time.

And to end things on a random note as I tend to;  I am in love with Viggo Mortensen. The guy is freaking outerworldly.