Camp Causeway



Sorry must contain excitement. Didn’t plan to post today or tomorrow even. But its hard to ignore greatness when it smacks you in the face. Amazing campaigning by H&M. This is the stuff good business acumen/CSR is made of. This is a campaign with a message bigger than spreading holiday cheer/consumerism.

H&M teamed up with famed faces to draw attention to UNICEF and their joint All for Children cause, which is something they’ve been doing for years now. Personally I think Waris and Liya are two of the most beautiful women to walk planet earth. Both campaign tirelessly for women and children’s causes- Liya especially through Lem Lem- so its only fitting they agreed for their faces to be plastered on billboards all over the country, hell over the world. 

So Please PLEASE PLEASE go get some UNICEF holiday stickers or anything else you can get your hands on from your nearest H&M store. Every child deserves at least food, water and education. It is truly disgusting to know that we live in a world where they continue to be impoverished and abused, so please give back any way that you can this holiday.