Sun,Soil,Sea; Swimmer


Just the last image is mine. The rest I stole from my sister’s facebook page/profile/whatumecallit.

Disaster struck in slow motion on Tuesday (birthday night damnit) as I watched my laptop slide from my bed and shatter my pen drive into pieces. Pen drive with back up files and over 300 PICTURES might I add. It died later that day from complications.

Lessons learnt from incident;

Don’t be a dumb ass and leave laptop near edge of bed.

In fact do NOT work on bed.

Bed is for sleeping and other things. Definitely not for laptop!

So this here random post is to remind myself of things long gone but not forgotten. Things I missed out on cause I was feeling sorry for myself or maybe indoors writing/blogging/watching films? Ah yes the dangers of being attached to one’s laptop.

Winter’s especially tough. How easy it is just to cosy up and stay indoors all day everyday. And it doesn’t help that I’ve been working from home lately.

I want the sun. I WANT THE SUN. I’m no bikini clad babe (nightmares of strange old men ogling and being fawkward) but I’m loving the idea of running barefoot on the beach right now. 

Having a high metabolism generally does not motivate one to get up ass and exercise. I walk everywhere, up to an hour most days and yet it doesn’t feel enough. Wonder if running has become my crack?

ps epic bloody fail re LANVIN for H&M. Casual strolling into store the day after didn’t fare as well as I imagined. Accessories were sold out within 24 hours, or so says introverted sales girl when I interrogated her on wherabouts of lipstick. Not to worry though, I want flowers AND YSL not LANVIN. Going for the very hot YSL Rouge lipstick. Best part about getting older is you can say “Bring it World*! Yeah I’m going to wear shiny red lipstick all day every day. Indeed with these same battered sneakers”.

*Creepy Humbert Humbert gentlemen staring at female body parts are excluded from said list.