Fire in the Middle


© cococollage

My most comfortable 5 inch heels with a slightly medieval name; Colonial Madness.Nice to stomp the streets with.

Although these days I can be found in my battered Cheap Monday sneakers. I put the ‘What the F” in Fashion?

While i’m on the subject, madness is sure to descend the streets of London tomorrow morning as Lanvin for H&M launches here in the elsewhere. I said it before and I’ll say it again; “I’m getting the lipstick, and I’m getting out”. I can think of other ways to torture myself than being elbowed to death by a hoard of women.

I bought myself some [birthday] cropped IRO pants the other day. Small problem. Size 1- is hanging off me – they were out of size 0 and I look like a bum. Not the aloof derelicte bum look I was going for.But they’re sooo soft so i think they’re a keeper.I was expecting some fairy dust sprinkled on them, suppose that asking too much ey Outnet?

As for my picture taking, I can’t help but be a bit- can I say avantgarde without sounding like a douche bag? – its just that I gravitate towards the experimental. The minute I leave the country though I’m the complete opposite; its all reportage and portraits.

I felt the need to share that.

I have a camera attached to my hand most days and I love that i’m getting better every day. I do think that photography is a handy skill for any aspiring Art Director/Creative Assistant to have, but it unknowingly became a passion of mine. I’m aiming to post 99% of my own images-my camera is STILL in the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ aka the repair store. Don’t you worry i’ll never post something so blurry you’ll go blind from ogling.

ps awesome vintage school girl/boy bag above I can’t quite remember where its from. Birthday present from years before maybe? Adam, if you’re reading this please send a “Blod Bruv” Diamond. Its only fair after months of radio silence.