Bonnie & Amp


© cococollage

I had a Bonnie and Clyde type dream where I was on the run. Hiding out in plain sight (for some reason folks just couldn’t see me)- on stair wells, inside cars. And I had a son too. I was old-ish. And white. And you were there Toto, and you, and ..

I probably wore myself out so much my body eventually caved in to slumber; nice! I rarely remember my dreams so I’m a happy bunny.

VOGUE Italia was looking for interns, this weekend only and I naturally jumped  at the opportunity. The idea alone of moving to Italy for a few weeks leaves me weak in the knees. In case you skim read my posts (and if you do, a pox on your proxy) Italia is the epitome. The be all, end all. The everything. The ALL! “By Golly,well said. ENCORE, ENCORE”, the crowd roars.

My heart will definitely stop for a minute, possibly two, if I get the gig. Back in August I had the surreal experience of visiting the Vogue UK headquarters. No I didn’t blog about it. Some things are better left unsaid, for fear of sounding like a squealing toddler in Toy’s R Us. I was impressed, I even snuck a very bad picture, and yet i’m sure the place has got nothing on Italia.

Italia, Italia, How badly I want Italia!! Seriously i’m saying a little prayer every night and day.