The Happiest Girl in the World


© cococollage

I’m far from the happiest girl, especially after the horrible news I was hand delivered earlier this week. 

But in desperate attempt to keep up appearances; I’ll say that i’m looking forward to picking and virtually styling some accessories for the “Editor’s Picks” of UK Models Mag Issue 2, hence the above. The awesomeness that is my newly acquired ‘Bertie’ Suede (yeah anything suede I’m on it) wedges will be number one on my list, they’re a fly force to be reckoned with.

I don’t pay much attention to seasonal wear. I have about 10 if even, warm, or seasonally appropriate cover ups. My wardrobe is perpetually spring-don’t you worry I haven’t forgotten more of those wardrobe pictures I promised. Its coming, its coming..much like Santa Claus.
So to maintain sufficient body heat this time of year I too morph into Miss Layer Cake. I say too, because the throne rightfully belongs to Queen Bee, Ms Taylor.

In other news, I’m watching the ‘Happiest Girl in the World’ and the 1st ever Iranian Film Festival (in London) launches in a matter of hours; woo hoo. Its all too clear now that the future of fashion lies with motion editorials; where fashion and film conjoin at the hip.

I may well do somersaults because of that. You see it makes my career aspirations, my interests, a hell of alot easier to pursue.