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A sneak peek into the contents of wardrobe number one( yeah I have two small and not very practical wardrobes). And some of my favourite things to schlep around or look at lately. Many more pictures coming soon. I had fun doing this and rifling through the many bags of unworn unloved items. 

  • Wardrobe for “work” stuff; jackets, blouses etc. I do have an almost irrational fear of uniformed work clothing. I’m talking crisp white shirt, dreaded black pencil skirt. All that imposed formality just isn’t me.
  • Vintage clutches London/Amsterdam/handmedowns. I’m (vintage) bag lady so I had to assign them shelves and even suitcases. Its ok I know what you’re thinking. I’ve heard it all before. In my defense I was planning to open an online store.
  • Rings; emerald green- handmade from Turkey. Other two thrifted from Deptford and Brick Lane *
  • Vintage Bally ‘Madeleine’ heels from my little Doortje.
  • Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Wonderland. Great great articles guys. Not that i’m plugging or anything. On top are my ‘Kimchi and Blue’ and ‘Silence &Noise’ clothing tags. Decided to make a picture memory game instead of throwing them out.
  • Vintage briefcase from Rag and Bone. Not THE Rag and Bone. Its a not so hidden vintage gem in Deptford.

* if you live in London and you haven’t yet ventured down to Deptford market (near Greenwich) what the hell are you waiting for?

Listening to Nightmares on Wax ‘I am You’ and still loving it to death. If a guy ever sang this to me, I’d marry him in a heartbeat. 


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