The Beat that my Own Skipped



I’ve been listening to DE LA a lot lately and only JUST figured out that Dave says ‘AU’ instead of ‘O’. Seriously!!

Umm pretty sure that a handful of you reading this think I’m nuts. Said I was going to stay away for a while but chose to blog sporadically. Promised to change the layout and yet TA RA(or TA DA, whatever rocks your boat ) still the same old same old.

I’ve been working around the clock, so the little free time I’ve had, I’ve spent lounging and browsing a few blogs. We-web designer and I- did agree though that my ideas were far too ambitious (code for overkill) for this current theme/layout. So we’re moving the hosting site. Soon. I swear on my left pinkie toe ok?

On to more important things.This weekend its all about the movie marathon. I’ll be trawling the streets of London, hopping over fire crackers and blunts- Happy Guy Fawkes btw- in hopes of finding a gem.

I’ll be starting with ‘The Kids are Alright’ (obviously they’re not) Heartbreakers- because I’ve been in love with Romain since ‘The Beat that My Heart Skipped’ and ending with a trip to east London to check out the Turkish Film Festival. Wonder if I can swing a press pass?

I need some time to think through ‘Operation Get Lanvin or Die Tryin’. Having seen the collection, i’m starting to wonder if its worth it. Yes to one or multiple shades of the lipstick; just because I need something cute in my life.

Yes or No to the gilet, the Tshirt, the pumps. Do I care enough? Do I need, like, want them? Hmmm.

To be continued…