She Moves.She dreams of her infinite nature?



I modelled this blog a little after I Heart Huckabees; mainly their Everything Store. Part humour, part fashion with some existential bullshit thrown into it. You can see why its not easy to fit into this neat little box that’s been asked or expected of me as a blogger. Fashion tick. Lifestyle, tick. Well where’s the ‘other’- reserves the right to talk about transcending space and time, and fashion sometimes,mainly why Kim what’s her name is naked on the cover of W’-box?

Its my prerogative to do ten posts about apple pie, and only one about why, in the eternal spew on Chanel’s greatness, I simply disagree. So my apologies to you out there who come with great expectations of fashion grandeur and giveways.

I try to avoid being too heavy or frivolous Lola. Sometimes I stray and write about things I care very little about. I think I’ve made a mistake in hiding myself; nah I don’t mean the absence of  pictures and outfit posts. More in the sense of honesty about who I am, what I do, where I go, where I be…I’m pretty sure I stole that line from a song.

Its funny really, the expectations that comes with fashion blogging, to constantly comment on something that is supposedly inspiring and fresh and NEW, when alot of it is just regurgitated trite. If you’re not feeling it, don’t do it. Speaking of which, a round of applause please for Olivier for turning down, not one, but TWO fashion houses this week. Yeah baby! 

I love fashion, but there’s a point when it becomes like so. Hilarious, a bit cooky, and more bonnet than trilby. In reality, it all takes time.Talent, vision, whatever you want to call it needs nurturing and inspiration, otherwise it becomes a hot mess (ahem Tim Gunn reference).We all know that designers take months, or years even to get out one single collection. Things have to fall in place before something is ready to walk the runway.

I’m not sure why I didn’t mention Azzedine before. I must have been waiting for the stars to align and a meteor shower of epic proportions to rain from the skies. I just have so much love for him as a person, a designer and artist. The master couturier that is Alaia is respected, and respectable, and really thinks before he does. I’ve been reading Vogue since I was 15 (do the maths, I’m 26) and its really because of a something page spread about Azzedine that I realised how much love should go into tailoring, crafting and designing. 

So I’ve realized that alot of my content has not reflected what I want or am capable of. I want to contribute creatively or produce something that excites and interests me, or nothing at all. I’ll be taking a few weeks starting from now to rethink things. Yeah yeah, so I’m a broken record. Didn’t I take a break like 2 months ago? Well this time is not a siesta, I’ll be making some crucial changes to the design, layout and most importantly, to the content.

I should thank Project Runway (Team Andy | Mondo. More so Andy cause his dominatrix theme is too funny)for making me see that things have not been sitting well for a long long time. Dear Tim Gunn, Well Hello and Thank You.

I do promise to stay the everything blog though, cause L’Oreal says I’m worth it.

Hope to be back sometime next month.

ps. listen