Wild Thing I Think I Love You


French Connection top | Urban Outfitters booties

I wore a pretty ridiculous get up today. A [TopShop Unique] maxi peach toned see through dress, with an intended and pretty sizeable hole just below the knee. Figured if I wore tights underneath the problem would be solved. I was wrong and I was damn cold too. Yes I could just show you an outfit post. But you’ll thank me soon enough for not caving. The brain muscles need a certain amount of stretching you see, so its best to use your imagination with this one. 

So I got to thinking about all the other ridiculous items of clothing I wear all year round.

Exhibit A. Say hello to my little friend, the French Connection ‘Zebra’ top I wear 3 to 4 times a month. Its held up for the 2 year plus period i’ve had it and I’m eternally indebted. Which would explain why two thirds of my wardrobe is French Connection. Anyone who’s seen their window displays knows their amazing shiz! So yeah the top. It has an open back, but more often than not, that stays my little secret.

And then B. These damn little boots. Despite my attempt to stretch the crap out of them they’re still a blood clot inducing fit. But I’m not giving up just yet.

There’s more obviously. But my camera’s broken, daylight’s long gone (I hate taking pictures at night) and uhh…. there’s another reason but I forgot. Must be my inelastic brain. Time for more Fringe.