Let the Right One In


FRICK FRICKING FRICK! I’ve just spent a huge chunk of my life editing CSS on blog numero 2. By editing I mean scratching my head trying to figure out how to make it less painful to the eyes. Five or six mini makeovers later and i’m still not a happy bunny.

I wanted a place to house my misplaced photography since the fricking website that I paid good money for was hacked last week, leaving me foaming at the mouth. Come to think of it I may have been drinking a cup of frothy milk at the time. 

To all you internet hackers of the world, DAMN YOU. Stick to playing Tekken 3 in your grandma’s basement will you? Does it look like I care about your syntax skills? You can’t see me, but trust that I am NOT impressed !

Back to you. Please visit me on tumblr and show me some blog lurve (icon to which all the way down yonder)  till I can move the damn thing.

Yes! Follow me and what not. Otherwise my efforts would have been in vain and I will cry. I’ll be updating regularly in between my fabulous travels. From my house to the supermarket.