I amsterdam


Better late than never. I did post these to my facebook profile but then I realised  I’m a failure of a “follow me on twitter facebook bla bla bla” blogger. So I’m showing my favourites from a time long ago in a place far far forgotten; Amsterdam Fashion Week. 

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it for as long as I can- which most likely will be until the end of time- the best shows are the ones with an OPEN setting where people are free to roam and gaze at the models with steely expressions yet strangely quivering feet.

These here are from Kenteroy Yearwood’s Green Fashion Competition back in scorching July. It reminded of what I like best about fashion, intimate, fun, imaginative; a wannabe photographer’s haven-oh yeah I’m a prober!

Its made me count down the days until next year. In fact I’ve gone and made myself a list of small off the beaten track fashion weeks I’ll be attending or ELSE damnit. Dublin, Moda Lisboa and oooh Iceland- fashion amongst the fjords, awesome or awesome?