A Long Road to Oz


courtesy of starworks

I didn’t make it despite EXTENSIVE  efforts on my part to secure tickets and interview with the man himself. What can I say but in the eternal struggle of mind over matter, my mind declared victory!What the hell am I talking about you say?

In plain and simple English I was feeling a little bla most of last week- guess it was the beginnings of the seasonal flu and my longtime companion, stress- so I skipped the long awaited return of Mr Ozwald Boateng to LFW, but I hear it was something!

From what I can tell some damn good styling went into the runway looks-like Mr Moustache for example. Not to downplay the work of uber talented designers but the styling really is, and always will be the icing on the cookie..I mean cake.

But really icing fits perfectly fine on a cookie. I may have tried it once or too many times.