From BK With Love


Bunmi Koko

Loved every minute of Day 1. Not counting the nerve racking ones I spent wandering the streets of Holborn trying to find my way home. The maverick dope that I am forgot my coin purse at home- and yet you wonder how I could have possibly made it to the Free Masons Hall in the first place? That’s Fashion innit; winging it like a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Back to my original train of thought. I had the great pleasure of attending Bunmi Koko’s off schedule show for London Fashion Week on Friday morning.

Packed full of fun,incredibly friendly and even famous names (Callum Best, that girl from Hollyoaks a few seasons back, a pint sized Sugababe; and a very beautiful man child with bouncy luscious curls; mmm pretty). The air was definitely alight with buzz.

I opted for a glass of an Orange Juice type Champagne- I heard whispers of Bucks Fizz. Should I hang my head in shame and admit that I’ve never tried the stuff before?- and a crispy but delicately soft croissant, which I proceeded to stuff into my oversized bag and waiting for the 11am start. 

And what a wait it was!

ahhh can you feel that? The suspense, the thrill. I’m sorry but patience is in fact a virtue. A very very big one.