Cycle 15//Fashion’s Night In



God finally gave America’s Next Top Model some game! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any fiercer? Bye Bye Seventeen, Buona Sera Vogue Italia. I’m no up and coming model, so why the heck am I excited you ask?

Growing up being all fawkard and oddly dressed, I spent hours glued To FTV, and many more leafing through copies of Vogue and sure enough I gravitated towards the gangly “high fashion” girls.

Since then its been rooting for sidekicks and fashion underdogs, waiting for them to outshine all the Crawfords and Bundchens in the making has been a past time of mine. Justice at last! Excitement over now; moving on!

While the rest of the world rubbed shoulders with those of disposable income higher than Mount Fuji, for Fashion’s Night OutI uhh didn’t.

I did have some good old fashion fun though (despite the fact that my precious Fuji-San developed a critical zoom errror/ lens malfunction)watching models gallop* down a make do runway in preparation for Fashion Diversity next week; giddyup babies!!

* please note that no models were harmed during this casting