Oh and How She Likes to Fork Herself


I had a rather pleasant/obscure weekend.Pleasant, Obscure. Obscure, Pleasant. Not quite sure which one it was but I’ll settle for halves.

Sooo my pleasant and obscure weekend meant me gallavanting around the (neighbour)hood eating cupcakes, watching FOOOOTTTIE and umm watching random Youtube videos.  And as fate would have it I stumbled on many an amusing Daul Kim’s videos and at last, at very last on her blog, which is apparently now open to the public. and what an intense, eye opening and exhilarating experience.

Now I am not claiming to know who she was nor will I be discussing her mental state. But having going through over a year’s worth of entries, what was remarkable was her honesty. At all times, however gut wrenching Daul stayed true to herself. She spoke her mind and simply let loose.

It really made me think about often we’re honest to others, and ourselves.I started this blog to have a creative portal to express my myself, my musings. I am in no way interested in following what I call the ‘bloggersformalue’- taking desperate measures to achieve mass popularity- nor am I placing myself on a pedestal of any kind. I’m simply frustrated by the uniformity that exists out there. How much of it is really authentic?

From now on I’m going to express myself how I see fit and will no longer be censoring myself to please others. 

So Thank you Daul. I like to Fork myself too(only with blunt plastic cutlery)