Craft Wo-man Ship


courtesy of Maaike Mekking press

Maaike Mekking’s Autumn Winter 2010-11 show was a breath of fresh air! Tucked away in Beak Street a million miles away from the fashion frenzy that is Somerset House, stood a figure amidst a crowd unscathed by the flashing lights, preparing to sail away in her one woman ship.

Mokik Gabriela Dorniak simply moved and performed to perfection; her eyes lingering always mid air and her thoughts somewhere far from this world. On her strikingly lithe figure, a second skin full bodied one piece with geometric lines and shapes aplenty, upon which she easily layered and draped items in grey, and blush tones from next season’s collection.

Eeriely like a glass house, Mokik herself seemed undaunted by the performance space, leaping effortlessly to and from the windowsills, swooping and circling unadorned and barefeet, all the while captivating her audience and the sea of faces glued to the window outside. It was a rarity and a pleasant surprise to see a show evoke such an innate sense of familiarity, and comfort.

My only regret? I walked away without any of the modelled items as a parting gift. Here’s hoping there’s a next time.

Many thanks to Maaike and team.


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