The Opening Ceremony of A Very Big Love


1.Paper Magazine 2.Opening

Chloe has this ultrafemme, flirtatious early 90’s tude to her style and I can’t help but take my non existing hat off to her. She’s right up there with Lou Doillon,Sofia Coppola and Tilda Swinton for me. Now that’s not to say that I agree with every single choice the woman ever makes but I am always left wondering; ‘Why Chloe’, How Now Chloe, ‘Ooh Ahh Chloe you done it again

Rest assured, the day that I do get my hands on anything Opening Ceremony by C the said items of clothing will be clutched to my beating heart until my very last breath is muttered. And I Kids you not.

Oh and eh she’s got some pretty mad acting skills too. Melinda and Melinda, Boys Don’t Cry, Manderlay ring a bell or two ? Rock on Chloe! 

ps to those of you who didn’t get the memo YES ‘tude’ ‘mad’ and ‘Rock On’ are now back in ‘The Fash pack’s too-cool-for-school anyway Dictionary’.