I’ve been cheating on my rickety stove with surprisingly tasty shroom burgers, southern style waffles and make do cocktails, so you can see why I had no time for the blogosphere this week.

It’s always a bittersweet feeling ending a holiday and having to revert back to reality. Though I’m still struggling to find the sweet.

Sure it felt like a rendition of Cats most days, but Morocco was also a lesson in kindness, humility and the art of restocking a bread basket; definitely a place I could call home someday.

One week was barely enough time to really take in Essaouira and Marrakesh, so we took a blood oath to remind ourselves to head back this year.

To infinity Tangiers and beyond.







From the corner of my lens.

Some of my antics didn’t go unnoticed so I had to chicken away refrain from making face-to-face.

See that old charmer hanging about by the boat? Fun fact, he was actually giving me the finger.

Don’t bother squinting, just take my word for it.

More pictures of my gallivanting to come.


What the deuce, 2 posts in a 7 day period ?

Not I’m no a) delirious b)an imposter or c) looking to kill time.

This right here is called the magic of technology.

As you skim through this, I am most likely shimmying my way through some spice market deep in the jungles of Essaouira.


Sing it Madonna!


Someone somewhere told me that creating a capsule of things that make you positively giddy will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

Though I could easily have dreamt up this conversation.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

In celebration of International Happiness day*, I vow to put aside personal vendetta’s and general chagrin, spend some one-on-one time with my main squeeze,

and think happy, Happy HAHA thoughts!

I hope you all embrace the warmth and do something you love this fine day.

*yes such a day exists, Wiki it


In celebration of women-rock-the-world day, behold a portrait of a woman who has succeeded in charming the pants off me, you and everyone we know.

Lupita to you, Lu to me, is..

showing the world once and for all that bold always knocks meh out of the park
raising the bar sky high for fierce, fresh faced beauty
living proof that every woman should try a buzz cut at least once in their adult lives
breaking the FROW* norm by going shades-free and daring to acknowledge everyone in her vicinity.

*just so we’re on the same page, I will never wholeheartedly embrace the term FROW, otherwise known as front row.

phone 034

phone 035

phone 036

Because I thoroughly disagree with hyper plugging aka “check out what I got for free b%^&*s”.. it slipped my mind to mention the awesomeness that was the pre-screening of Only Lovers left Alive.

No secret, I was once a film nerd. These days I moonlight as a lady of the night as a creative.

Sometimes I’m stuck on what that means.

But back to the evening.

It was beautiful folks. Jim has all the eclectic charm his movies possess. Any numb nut critic that has slated this film, is dead on the inside.

Take my word for it, its a beautiful film!

ps. you’ll have to excuse my temporary desertion, it weren’t my fault..entirely.


My head has been buzzing with so many revolutionary ideas lately its been hard to sit still and you know..sit still.

Yes I’m that self-confessed dork/sap/dork that wants to learn and change so many things at once she ends up doing basically nothing.

Diddly squat!

Or maybe one measly thing on a particularly sunny day.

On this fine Monday you’ll be happy to know that I successfully crossed ‘defining class and integrity’-ie. identifying that class EQUALS integrity- off my gargantuan list.

Confused dot com?..me too my e-squeezes. But I’ll fill you in some other time.

Amazing how adulthood can fill one with so much anxiety and so little gusto.

My man Chris Evans knows what I’m talking about.


Oh Seth,

Like many poor souls of my generation, I too loved me some O.C.

See I really did do believe you and I kindred spirits.

For our shaggy hairdo’s, ill-fated outfit choices, friends in wife-beaters,

More importantly, for our comparable outlook on life, living, people and things..

I raise my glass to you wise one!

-Listless in London


Till this day my parents know nothing of my controversial movie watching days and I’m a-ok with that.

Call it batsh**-boredom-on-the-account-of-living-in-the-middle-of-nowhere or a silent rebellion against boring, but experimenting, changing things up (not like tongue wagging Miley. I repeat NOT like Miley) once in a while has been my go-to since I was a young’un.

While I’ve avoided and VOCALLY objected to dressing like I’m about to engage in battle, I can feel winter’s evel charms beckoning me to channel a gothic sci-fi diva.

Between you and me, its my mission in life to see if donning something drastic will help sell my poker face better.

Cause canary yellow sure isn’t doing the business.

Or maybe I’m just being too nice?

As per usual.




I’m inspired by so many bloggers, vloggers,(HBO) writers and artistes who always seem to work their magic effortlessly. Originality may not exist, but inspiration will always find its way to you if you’re open to it..or make nicey nice with Google bot.

My obsession with interiors currently knows no bounds. Possibly because I continue to exist in shyster limbo town where I have no choice but to daydream(and scrapbook like a lil’ old lady) about my light, open and airy loft that WILL one day be mine damn it.

Though there’s a 99% probability I’ll be channelling derelicte, not DIY darling when the time comes.


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